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Villas in ECR Chennai

Villas in ECR Chennai


A breezy abode with a view of the ocean may seem dramatic and impossible in today’s fast-paced world.With skyscrapers and high-rise buildings crowding the streets, it has become hard to find a serene place to build a home in Metropolitan cities like Chennai.


Since the city has bubbling masses commuting to work on a daily basis, the need for a comfortable home within close proximity to offices has become a concern.Most people choose to rent a flat or buy an apartment amidst congested places in the city to end their traffic life. But they fail to realize that it is a compromised solution.


If you are planning to do the same, then it would be the right time to go for an alternative idea.

What if I say you can wake up amidst cool sea breeze with sunlight popping on your windows or sleep bythe shore with mysterious waves singing lullaby every day? Does that seem too good to be true? Then you must check our elegant and luxurious villas in ECR Chennai to know the truth.


NEST NJOY, a gated community constructed on a vast area of  land near Mayajaal in ECR Chennai has classy and hi-tech villas with modern amenities suiting the urban lifestyle. These villas in ECR Chennai are built across 1900 sq.ft area with ample living space and separate area for staircase, corridor and garden.It can be the perfect neighborhood for your kids and family.


Nest Builders are offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to live by the beach, so grab this as early as possible to boost your lifestyle!

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